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The main sectors we work in are hospitals, operating rooms, geriatric hospitals and industry.


An ideal product for places with a lot of traffic


Our siding allows repair of damaged doors


Our adhesive also meets all certifications


Fix the protections with a very professional result

Our added value

We are the only company that complies with all the national and European certificates:

Installation of our products

We show you how the Protectwall Polycarbonate installation process is:


Polycarbonate is a synthetic material that is extremely resistant to shocks and scratches without being deformed. It is the best proposal for use in installations where there is a lot of movement and possible bumps in order to protect the walls or doors, and to forget about the aesthetic problems.

It is free of chlorine and halogen PVC and therefore it is one of the safest materials for a fire, both for people and the environment, and it does not spread fire and does not generate smoke opacity.

The polycarbonate finish has a very nice and fine texture, providing very optimum quality without damaging the resistance. It is highly hygienic as it is non-porous and very easy to clean when dirt does not stick.

Our Protectwall panel is the only rigid wall protection system that complies with European BS1-D0 regulations.

High impact resistance

High temperature resistance

Easy to clean and hygienic

100% customizable

Flame retardant and 0 smokes

10 year warranty