Perfect synergy between functionality, protection and design

Protectwall Polycarbonate

100% colored compact polycarbonate, PROTECTWALL Polycarbonate maintains its minimum thickness of 1.7 mm for optimum impact resistance.
A finer and more nuanced grain allows us to reduce the gloss of its texture, adapting the PROTECWALL Polycarbonate panel to the taste of the most prestigious architects in the sector.
Our anti-bacterial certification confirms up to 99.9% that the main operating room viruses do not proliferate or survive in our PROTECTWALL Polycarbonate panel.
The fire certification Bs1-d0, guarantee of minimum toxicity in case of fires, is essential today for hospital use or in centers with people with reduced mobility. Having included PROTECTBOND ECO glue in the tests, extends the validity of the certification to the panel / glue set.


PROTECWALL Polycarbonate also has the mandatory certifications the European market and more restrictive countries. (REACH, VOCS, ANTIBACTERIAL, etc…) and appears with excellent marks on the list of materials recommended by FRIENDLY MATERIALS, the website created by the prestigious architectural firm PMMT.


  • PROTECTWALL Polycarbonate:
  • Standard size: 1250 X 3000 X 1.7 mm 100%
  • polycarbonate 100% recyclable
  • 12 exclusive colors
  • Mass dyed Engraving: grained 00/35
  • Thermal and mechanical forming, easy and custom cutting and folding. (We also supply mechanical bending machines.)
  • High resistance to impacts, scratches and high temperatures.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • PVC free
  • Certifications: VOCs, A +, REACH, Eurofins antibacterial, indoor air comfort, Fuego B-s1-d0, CE …
  • Recommended by FRIENDLY MATERIALS

Alta resistencia a los impactos

Amplio intervalo de temperaturas

Personalización y colores

Amplias propiedades

ProtectDoor Polycarbonate

Our doors are specially made to withstand all types of impacts and scratches. We provide door blocks already coated in polycarbonate ready for installation.

Not only are they available in standard sizes, but we also offer solutions tailored to the customer’s need. In addition, they can be customized with different shapes, colors, windows, inlays or signs.

If you want to avoid replacing the door and give it a new life, with the ProtectDoor Panel cladding system, they can be repaired for a durable and long-lasting result. It is not necessary to line the entire door, but there is the possibility of covering only the lower part which is the one that receives the most blows.

High impact resistance

Wide range of temperatures

Customizations and colors

Maintenance not required


Our main commitment, in addition to a job well done, is that our products comply with all fireproof, antitoxic and antibacterial certificates in order to ensure the safety of both people and the environment.

Our adhesive also has all the certifications (unlike the competition), so along with the ProtectWall boards, they make the perfect tandem.


Great adhesion

Wide range of temperatures

It fulfills all the certifications

Not flammable


Fungicidal silicone for joints and rivets, in white and colors matching our PC sheets.

Great adhesion

Wide range of temperatures

It fulfills all the certifications

Not flammable


Profile in anodized aluminium for a perfect finish.


We offer other accessories to complement the protection of walls and doors and thus offer a comprehensive solution for our customers.

Handrails, corners, bumpers, treads, and bumpers made of compact polycarbonate that along with the cushioning system absorb and distribute evenly the impacts without deforming.

The handrails, in addition to being a robust point of support, can have an innovative system of LED lights embedded in order to ensure optimal night lighting in the corridors, both to guide people and for environmental decoration.


Special cuts for customized and decorative wall protection.
Custom cold bending for perfect and protected corners.
Standard or customized inlays integrating signage in the design of walls and doors.
Mechanical forming machine :
Up to 1,40m. Weigh 180 kg
Up to 1,40m. Weigh 550 kg
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